Klaus Wachsmann Uganda Collection

Omera wabedo kadi abako doga. Lumeko remo ye. Klaus Wachsmann Uganda Field Recordings

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    Adungu [musical bow] songs - Africa (Acholi).

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    Padibe, Uganda

  • Performers

    unidentified (adungu musical bow), unidentified (2 singers, female)

  • Recordist

    Wachsmann, Klaus, 1907-1984

  • Description

    Item notes : Wachsmann's original recording no.: 54.731. Item notes : From available documentation: "The girl is calling her boy friend Omera, singing: "Omera, I will stay with you even if they do not like it, you, Luneko Remo" (Luneko Remo is Omera's nickname).

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African Harmony: *Women singing in parallel 4ths, 5ths and 6ths at some instanes. notice the variaitons on the musical bow. Notice the heterophonic nature of the melody in relation to the melodic line in the music bow part. *the women alternate between parallel 4ths, 5ths, 6ths and unisons as a form of call and response *The bow plays an ostinato using the interval of a P4th. This interval (the 4th and inversly the P5th) is not only significant in traditional african music but alos in modern forms of african music and music of the diaspora. Its clear that bass lines and other parts based around these intervals are structual in nature harmonically and melodically.

Posted by Daniel Jones, Researcher on 17/03/2019 00:47:00