Klaus Wachsmann Uganda Collection

Lugingo (the name of a medium or Musambwa) - Klaus Wachsmann Uganda Field Recordings

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    Gadumire, Uganda

  • Performers

    unidentified (7 kazoos) , unidentified (female chorus / rattles) , unidentified (mugebe drum) , unidentified (ndumi drum) , unidentified (ndulumusi drum) , unidentified (entabuzi drum)

  • Recordist

    Wachsmann, Klaus, 1907-1984

  • Description

    Item notes: Wachsmann's original recording no.: 54.342. Performer notes: From available documentation: a group of women of Baswezi cult from Gadumire. Their leader is called Hoya. Performance features a set of four drums, with seven women singing into their kazoos, and shaking rattles.

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This is typical music for possession among the Baswezi religious cults of central Busoga. The women singing into kazoos are representing the voices of spirits, the two drummers (one keeping a steady rhythm going on one drum, and the other playing on the other three or sometimes all four drums) sound 'texts' that are addressing the spirits - inviting them to come into the heads of the mediums or sick persons present. The continuous 'white noise' of the rattles is maintained throughout to help heat-up the performance. For a detailed account of such a ritual see my ch. 5 "Appeasing the spirits..." in 'Indigenous Religious Musics' (ed. by K. Ralls-Macleod and G. Harvey), Ashgate publishers, 2000.

Posted by Peter Cooke, Hon. Fellow, University of Birmingham on 16/11/2010 20:52:00