Trevor Wiggins Ghana Music Collection

Reference recordings at Zenuo: Kobom and Trevor Wiggins

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    Trevor Wiggins Ghanaian Music Collection

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    Wiggins, Trevor

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    (32) Dumangiele wo wa nye pog e yel paa gana. Lit: People of Dumanje have come and seen a wife, there is a problem - lying down. Meaning: The people of Dumanje should see that their women have many problems. Notes: From Tom. (33) A teng nu ti maale e be sangne ti yuori we. Lit: A place we are developing it and they are spoiling our name. Meaning: We are trying to improve the place and other people are just pulling us down. Notes: From Tom. (34) N maa wo na wa kume buule. N yi yeng ti seb bewaa. Lit: Oh mother, come and give me the jingles. I will go out and dance bewaa. Notes: Old song. From Tom (35) A long perbir yangna ti mi bobr a long. Lit: The toad buttocks because of we like the toad. Meaning: We like to eat toad because of its fat buttocks. Notes: From Tom. (36) N na won a Hausa, e kye boro mi kye. Lit: I will hear Hausa, is left English also left. Meaning: I can hear Hausa, now I must learn English. Notes: From Tom. (37) Pogle wa de daa wan. Pogle fu daa nume na. (dance). Lit: Girl come and bring the drink. Girl your drink is very sweet. Notes: From Tom. (38) Ti teng naa be kabe. Ti teng nga dang kung maali. Lit: Our place chief is not there. Our place will not build up.Meaning: If our chief is not there the place cannot be built up. Notes: From Tom. (39) Ti na be langne taa nuor been be yitaar. Lit: We don't unite together so we don't make one mouth. Meaning: Because we are not united we still compete with each other. Notes: From Tom. (40) Nibe nee eru na. Nibe nee ale i kuu kure ti. Lit: People they are gossiping. People are gossiping and killing us. Notes: From Tom. (41) Zirinaa wele na yangme. Na mi ga teng ke ere. Lit: The chief liar flute (whistle) is plenty. Everyone lie down then talk. Meaning: The liar is widely heard. Their words are passed on from friend to friend. Notes: From Tom. (42) Ti ma Mariya wo, Yesu na kpi uu wa faa ti. Lit: Our Mother Mary, Jesus has died to come and save us. Notes: From Tom. (43) Sag a tub ee sag a tub e sa dome Puoure. Lit: Accept the insult and accept the insult is better than the enemies Puoure. Meaning: Nandom Naa Puoure should ignore the insults of his enemies. He is better than them. Notes: The name Puoure means "your enemies are having bad feelings about you." From Tom. (44) Tome bie kung bang bewaa. Tome paalu bie naani. Lit: The children of Tom don't know bɛwaa. The children are not from Tom. Meaning: If you are a child in Tom and don't know bɛwaa you are not from Tom. Notes: From Tom. (45) A le saa i er waala fu de yin yeng tegni daa wan. Lit: If it is secret talking you take outside and exchange with pito.Notes: Slow bewaa. From Tom. (46) Bale dangne wo wa nyog fu baa, e baa sangna. Lit: The little dog owner come come catch your dog, the dog is spoiled. Meaning: If you don't look after your puppy, someone will chop it. Notes: From Tom.(47) N yang buwaala nu yeri sor. N kyen ti nyog n yang buwaala wan. Lit: Your sweet lover she has travelled. I went and brought her, your sweet lover has come. Notes: Song also used as dance. From Tom. (48) Kapil puo na gegera mi ga. Ti yir yele, ti yir yele, na we. Lit: House [local round house of mud roofed with grass] inside the room a gossiper sleeps. In our house problem, in our house problem, every time. Meaning: We have a gossiper in our house who is always causing problems. Notes: From Tom. (49) Dulu nu uu yogvaar puo. (dance). Lit: Frog is hiding under the pumpkin leaves. Notes: The frog referred to is not edible, has a big nose and is a metaphor for your enemy. From Tom. (50) Yel kyaari me, yel kyaari me n yel kub. Lit: Face me and say it, face me and say it and I will also tell you. Notes: From Tom. (51) Fuu wa ter pog sig-kpe. (dance). Lit: Come and join if you have a wife. (52) Nandom na nume le a kang tuo kyen nyin. Lit: As Nandom is sweet, who will go where? (53) Wuoyang (man's name) de pog wan pole zebritaar. Lit: Wuoyang has married a woman and the young man are fighting over her. (54) Maale yele ke kyaa ter a dong. Lit: You are solving problems and still you have enemies.

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    Music for xylophone and percussion.

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