Trevor Wiggins Ghana Music Collection

Bewaagyil: Kobom, Ambrose Braima Pikyulo, Mill Kpee, Peter Dery

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    Trevor Wiggins Ghanaian Music Collection

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    Kobom, Pikyulo, Ambrose Braima, Kpee, Milll, Dery, Peter

  • Recordist

    Wiggins, Trevor

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    (1) N yang buwaala nu yeri sor. -Fu na mi wo a nuo e kpi a le sa. Fu na zi wa kpi a dome kuu. Lit: If you enjoy and die it is better. You sit down and your enemies kill you. Meaning: Enjoy your life. You could die at any time. Notes: Old song from Nandom. (2) Bipole ni libir be nyog ni taa baalu. Lit: Young children you have money hold each other as friends. Meaning: If you have children, you and money will also be friends. Notes: Song composed by John Dery from Ko. (3) Ya ya kole zele. Lit: Keep on begging, (repeated), If she is happy she will give you love. Meaning: If you want a woman who is not interested you should keep up your efforts, they may be rewarded with love. Notes: Modern bɛwaa, first heard in Accra in 1986. Doesn't have a dance section associated with it. (4) Nandomme biiri ni yangme korkor. Lit: The people of Nandom large population, The enemies pass through and destroy all of them, death, death, death. Meaning: Death comes to everyone. although Nandom has a large population everyone will die at some time. The dancers would be singing, smiling and waving while singing "Death". The song was in memory of one of the group, Kuim Dzang, who was a very good dancer and had recently died although still a pupil at Nandom Secondary school. Notes: Slow bewaa. February 1970. Composed by Bangnido? and used as the exit song for many performances.

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    Bewa music for xylophones (gyil) and drum (kuor).

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