Trevor Wiggins Ghana Music Collection

Bewa songs with John Dery, Matthew, Kobom, Callistus and Ambrose

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    Trevor Wiggins Ghanaian Music Collection

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    Dery, John, Matthew, Kobom, Callistus, Ambrose

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    Wiggins, Trevor

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    (5) Dondome kyile na Nandomme yuori. Lit: Enemies happy the people of Nandom name is spoilt. Now Nandom's name is already raised. Meaning: The enemies of Nandom are happy that they are spoiling its name but it has risen above them. Notes: Praise song with many words. Composed around 1992 by a man from Kolkya (near Lambussie, but Dagara). (6) Bibile zie na Naalu za mi yi. Lit: From the child Chiefs come from. Meaning: Every child could grow to be a chief. Notes: Composed by John Dery of Ko. (7) Messed up; (8) Bipole ni libir be nyog ni taa baalu. Lit: Young children you have money hold each other as friends.Meaning: If you have children, you and money will also be friends. Notes: Song composed by John Dery from Ko. (9) Messed up; (10) Pampana-nga biiri ti be nyaa lang nuore. Lit: Nowadays children we don't make one mouth. Meaning: People are not cooperating. (11) Yele zuo ti na ti na, ti na, bo loba we. Plenty of problems, plenty, plenty, we fall down. Meaning: We have so many problems which will be our downfall. Notes: Song composed by John Dery of Ko. (12) Niim wa yel ke ni ku wo AIDS na be na yele a. Lit: If you say you won't take advice about AIDS you will die. Death will kill all of us AIDS is what they are saying. Notes: Composed by John Dery of Ko?? (13) Ni le kpe a diru lieb a ni ib. Lit: You should go inside the rooms then change your behaviour. (14) Ni ve ti lang ni tampelu nidaar yangna. We should unite with the ashes because of tomorrow. Meaning: We must use what is left from our past mistakes to build the future. Notes: The ashes (tampelu) referred to here have a special significance connected with death and mourning a near relative. (15) Kuu wo, kuu woye, kuu wo, kuu wo-o, Naangmin tome ne a le. Lit: Death, so many deaths (repeated), death, deaths are surprising, God work all. Meaning: I am surprised there are so many deaths, but it is all God's work. Notes: Around 1970. (16) Nyira dog zekuo yang simaani - e yee. Ant cook light soup put in pepper - its hot. That is why bachelor ate the hot pepper soup and is getting crazy. Response: ya ya etc. Meaning: The ant is the wife of bachelors. Hot pepper is often believed to affect the brain and send you mad. (17) Munica kone na ni ve n kpe ti mag tontol se. Lit: Monica is crying we should allow her to go inside and collect her pants and wear. Meaning: Someone is trying to force Monica to have sex, so she wants to get another pair of pants to wear. Notes: Old song - 1970's? (18) Naangmin yo nu na bang fu nir be iibu. Lit: Only God will know that I am not good. Dagara people they are saying about you that you are not good, only God knows that you are not good. Notes: Composed about 1988. (19) Ya ya kole zele.

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    Bewa songs for voice and xylophones.

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