Trevor Wiggins Ghana Music Collection

Bewaa songs from Ko, Kobom and Trevor Wiggins

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    Trevor Wiggins Ghanaian Music Collection

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    Ghana, Tuuli's

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    Wiggins, Trevor

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    (5) Pogle na dog bie (ter puo) ti kye bulang naa kpi. Lit: The girl who can bear a child (is pregnant) nearly small would have died. Dog skin, pig skin, small pig skin, every skin is a skin. Meaning: Every child, even if it miscarries, is a child just as every animal has a skin. Notes: Someone had sex with a small girl who then became pregnant. When people made fun of him, he replied, every skin is a skin. See also the cassette by Begyil Paul, who claims to have composed it. (6) Fra-frabe na ngmaa be lotto "single one", e kye "single two". Lit: Fra-fra people have staked lotto "single one", remain "single two". Meaning: The Fra-fra man is stupid. He has staked only one number in the lotto and thinks he has won, but you only win with two or more numbers. (7) E le a konee kai, kai. E le a konee ka. N na ziyee. Lit: Warning cry (kai = sound of crying). Warning cry. I will stay here. Meaning: Possibly a girl who has been warned by her parents not to go chasing a boy, but did and must now live with the consequences. (8) Maa ni a sebseb naa e be ter a vie ke le. Lit: I am dance chief and I don't have a good costume. Notes: Sebseb means chief dancer for all dances, not just bewaa as in Sebro bambala wele (9) Nyira dog zekuo yang simaani - e yee. Lit: Ant cook light soup put in pepper - its hot. That is why bachelor ate the hot pepper soup and is getting crazy. Response: ya ya etc. Meaning: The ant is the wife of bachelors. Hot pepper is often believed to affect the brain and send you mad (10) Ta karme gado pogle, ta pogle woe ta karme. Lit: Don't break my bed girl, don't break my bed girl - eh(woe). Don't break my bed girl. Do you know how much the bed cost? (11) Bekuone pogle nu maal sawole e nyog nuo ku. Bekuone girl makes sawole and catch chicken kill. Meaning: The girl from the Bekuone clan has made sawole and put it with chicken. Notes: Sawole is flour and seasoning fried in small balls. It is eaten on its own by children and would not be served with chicken i.e. the girl can't cook. (12) E ti na i ngmin zie vie? Lit: What will we do when day breaks? The world has caught fire, the flames are burning us. What will we do to get the place bright? Meaning: This has more meaning than just "fire". The words are understood as refering to hunger, anger and any bad aspect of the situation.Notes: Song used in bewaa, nuru and kari

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    Bewaa songs from Ko, played by Kobom and Trevor Wiggins.

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