Trevor Wiggins Ghana Music Collection

MaryAmelia Bemele (continues)

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    Church songs

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    Trevor Wiggins Ghanaian Music Collection

  • Recording locations

    Ghana, Upper West Region, Jirapa/Lambussie District, Hamile

  • Performers

    Bemele, MaryAmelia

  • Recordist

    Wiggins, Trevor

  • Abstract

    (1) Kari. Novog yi na nifaar sangne taa; (2) Kari. A doo nye kun yeli ale waari yele; (3) Bewa. Pogli kyakyapile kang nu so a puo teru. Lit: A certain small girl is the cause of her pregnancy. Because she has knocked her buttocks that brought about the pregnancy. Now you have come to say your parents should look after you. Meaning: The girl has been the cause of her own downfall by exhibiting her body too freely. Now she is looking for money and support. (4) Nuru. Lot of words.

  • Description

    Music from MaryAmelia Bemele.

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