Trevor Wiggins Ghana Music Collection

Gombe, kari, nuru music

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    Trevor Wiggins Ghanaian Music Collection

  • Recording locations

    Ghana, Upper West Region, Lawra District, Biligang

  • Recordist

    Wiggins, Trevor

  • Abstract

    (7) Gombe. Lucy na yel ke Dahile na o kyere; (8) Gombe. Ta mi kone waari yee pogle; (9) As 8; (10) Gombe. Yedeb mi kon kyi ngmaa kum n be kule a kuora; (11) Gombe, but a kari song. A vieli tuurbe tuurbe yaa bon wele na woyee. Lit: Handsome followers, followers, something is breaking, [response] (x2) its not good, they are laughing at your singlet, laughing at your singlet, woyee[response] (verse 1) Followers of young boys, something is breaking. [then as before]. Meaning: Girls should not go chasing boys/ young boys otherwise they will lose their virginity and become worthless. Notes: Used for Kari(mostly) and Bewaa (12) Gombe. Ta mi kone waari yee pogle; (13) Kari. Ngma yaari n zii nu ter o ngma yaari; (14) Kari. N saa yira, n saa yira n mi wo a nuo; (15) Kari. N saa yira, n saa yira n mi wo a nuo; (16) Kari. Pogle faa na yana be yaare yaa naa, o yele gang u na; (17) Gago. Children's game. Gago ye gago, eh gago pogle kang no be yir kare; (18) Gago. Nahle, Nahle, Nahle kang yir na, be na ngmen a sie wel; (19) Kari. N dondome wo fu de tii wa kun me. Ale be sa fu na sangne n yuori beru beru; (20) Kari. Dance tune only - no title; (21) Kari. Naa in a Naa. N saa Naa in naa be nyog ngmaari kokor; (22) Kari. Aboni depaalu bie huye fu wa kpe fu zo laare; (23) Gombe. N saa kpiin ngmea na n su kparu ti yaa ke peg; (24) Gombe. A vieli tuurbe tuurbe yaa bon wele na woyee (see 11); (25) Gombe. Pooda, pooda, pooda, yaara, yaara pooda, aleleo; (26) Gombe. (in Hausa) *Konnena Baimba, konena Baimba oh, konena ebaaya; (27) Gombe. N por lor, n por lor anu yang, n por lor a eh n bom yang na o mi lor; (28) Gombe, but bewa music. Nandomme polbili sebsevieli wul nibe, dome gyiele eh, wuorye, yare, yare yahweh eh. Lit: The young people of Nandom do very good dancing and show the public, the enemies begin to spy on them, they cannot do anything to us. Meaning: Other people may be jealous of our dancing ability and spy on us, but it can't do us any harm. Notes: A bewaa song, but also recorded at Biligau being used in Gombe (29) Gombe, but bewa music. Kuu wele yiiri, kuu wele yiiri, daa, daa, daa. Lit: Death divide the house, (repeat) every time, every time, your father, who is he to rescue you from death, death has already divided the house, surprise. Meaning: When your father dies his brothers may come to claim his property over the claim of the wife and children Notes: Bewaa song, but collected from Gombe (30) Kari. Yaani, yaani yee (repeated several times) Maal a alepele u do saa, nimoore yee; (31) Kari. Haya puru, puru, puru, pantir na kyen kula fu nye ni Yelwarima na er zo maali ko bie a; (32) Kari. Saayir gang muo, (response)senlere. Saayir gang muo, saayir gang muo (response) senlere laaliero; (33) as 32; (34) Kari. Dance tune only - no words; (35) Kari. Ngma yaari n zii nu ter o ngma yaari; (36) sames as 34; (37) Kari. N saa yira, n saa yira n mi wo a nuo; (38) Kari. Kiri wo-e, Kiri wo-e, Kiri wo (repeated several times) gyambir garoo me gangaar; (39) Gombe. N na yi na kule o, n na yi na kule o, daa, daa, daa, n na yi na kule o, ti ta n Nandom n na kpen n soka kyere; (40) Bon, ca va; (41) as 40; (42) as 40; (43) Nuru. [Someone fell so the song stopped]; (44) Nuru. Dekuore baa puo na saalo won na be nyere pore eh, be nyere pore, eh, be nyere pore; (45) Nuru. Fuu wa lore wa kyer gbee a mi in nu / gbe kabr.

  • Description

    Gombe, kari, nuru music.

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