Trevor Wiggins Ghana Music Collection

Yiela music

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    Trevor Wiggins Ghanaian Music Collection

  • Recording locations

    Ghana, Upper West Region, Lambussie-Nandom, Hapa

  • Recordist

    Wiggins, Trevor

  • Abstract

    (3) Ang wong waju bantuwo yello. Bapara wongo bantuwo yello. (You who used to farm so much, could always beat me, now your chest is broken.) Yiela song and dance, played during harvest celebrations; (4) N ha mu yowo chilanko wa wie yei n bri yowo. (I left to go to the market, but the crickets were still crying by the riverside, so I returned to the house.) The sound of the crickets means that it is not yet daybreak - moonlit nights in Ghana can seem almost as bright as day! Yiela song and dance, played at any time, including funerals. (5) Bahor toperigaru hirla par ma sei limu. (Elderly man who has married a young girl, you must go to your in-laws' farm.) The older man who marries a young girl cannot avoid having to work on his in-laws' farm every year, an obligation which is a traditional part of the dowry. Older men will often take a young girl as their third or fourth wife. When the husband dies, his son must marry her. Yiela song and dance, traditionally played during the farming season when there is a great deal of hard manual work to be done, especially hoeing between the crops. Can also be played at funerals and other occasions; (6) I Maaleka dowo weri yei nanga zile wa muri. (You should try to unite together. When you do good to your friends it is not a small thing.) Yiela song and dance, played at funerals or any other occasion;

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    Yiela music.

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