Trevor Wiggins Ghana Music Collection

Traore Yaya and Group

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    Trevor Wiggins Ghanaian Music Collection

  • Recording locations

    Burkina Faso, Diebougou

  • Performers

    Yaya, Traore

  • Recordist

    Wiggins, Trevor

  • Abstract

    (1) No info, (2) No info, (3) Julla music [closely related to Mandingo music] played by the Wongara people also in Mali and Cote d'Ivoire,(4) Slow bewa. N baa be kuore, bekuone lale no nyog baa,(5) Bewa. Zong be nyere e kyen Nandom daa ti yaa sense zini kpolakpola. The name of Nandom changed to Zamboi (a village between Lawra and Burkina Faso) in this example + Koli, koli, kaa, kaa siigbile nyuure (dance, (6) Lobi Sebre dance music. Ni nyog pogfaa we bibiir ni nyog pogfaa we, (7) Julla music, (8) Julla music, (9) Julla music, (10) Julla music,(11) Slow bewa. N baa be kuore, bekuone lale no nyog baa,(plus names of performers etc. inserted)

  • Description

    Bewa music and Julla music (closely related to Mandingo music) from Traore Yaya and others.

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