Trevor Wiggins Ghana Music Collection

Bagrbine (Religious music)

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    Trevor Wiggins Ghanaian Music Collection

  • Recording locations

    Ghana, Upper West Region, Lawra District, Kogle

  • Recordist

    Wiggins, Trevor

  • Abstract

    (51) Baba maal bur bur. (Baba has brought confusion); (52) Nyu nyu ke kpi. (Drink, drink and die); (53) Nibere hu hu. (Elderly person is worried); (54) Ale be wa na aa na. (If it is not this, it is that) [If you don't understand me, it can mean what you like.]; (55) Ale be wa na aa na. (Played by young boy); (56) 18 bar female Dagaare gyil tuning; (57) 18 bar male Dagaare gyil tuning; (58) Unknown bewa piece with Kobom, DM (gyile), John Bosco Mimidem (drum), later Rumanda Mimidem (drum); (59) Ya ya kole zele. Personnel as above.

  • Description

    Bagrbine (fetish music) for xylophone.

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