Peter Kennedy Collection

Flora McNeill songs and descriptions, Glasgow 1967. Tape 1

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    Peter Kennedy Collection

  • Recording locations

    Glasgow, Scotland

  • Performers

    McNeill, Flora (singer, female)

  • Recordist

    Kennedy, Peter

  • Description

    [*Peter Kennedy's notes transcribed verbatim from the original tape box*] A.- 1. A Phuithrag. 22.- 2. Na Horo Hi Hoireanan. 8.- 3. Fhir A Leadain Thladh. 12.- 4. A Mhic Dhubail Io Ruaraidh. 16.- 5. Thro Mi N'Oilohe Ged B'Fad I. 24.- 6. Caolas Eadar Mi S'Iaian. 6.- 7. Faoa Sibh Roachal Na Ailein. 10.- 8. Craobh Nan Ubhal. 21.- 9. Mile Marbhaisg Air A Ghail. 18.- 10. A Bhean Ialach. 3.- B. 11. Sean Duine Cha Ghabh My Idir. 23.- 12. A Mwio Iaian Is Cheumais. 17.- 13. A Fhleascaigh Oig Is Oheumais. 13.- 14. Gur E Mo Ghille Dubh Dhonn.- 15. Fliuch An Oidche. 14.- 16. Thior Mo Shorraidh Thar Ghunaid. 4.- 17. O S'Fhada Dhuain Anna.- 18. Nighean Donn a Cornaig. 19.- 19. Cha Ne Caoidh Mhic Shieldh. 7.- 20. Fadh Mo Mhulail A Bhi Ann. 11.- + Barra version of Briskay Lovel Lilt.

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    Flora McNeil at BBC TV studio, Parkhead, Glasgow, 1962

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User notes for this item

Flora MacNeil is a Gaelic singer originally from the island of Barra, Scotland. It is possible these recordings were made in Glasgow in 1967.

Posted by Andrew Pace, British Library on 07/03/2013 23:45:00

Flora McNeil introduces each song that she sings. This may have been edited together from spoken introductions found on another tape, and the songs from another.

Posted by Andrew Pace, British Library on 07/03/2013 23:42:00