Peter Kennedy Collection

Peter Pratt, Toab, Orkney 1955. Tape 1

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    Peter Kennedy Collection

  • Recording locations

    Toab, Orkney, Scotland

  • Performers

    Pratt, Peter (whistle / spoken, male / singer, male)

  • Recordist

    Kennedy, Peter

  • Description

    [*Peter Kennedy's notes transcribed verbatim from the original tape box*] .- D whistle. Talk - Drunken Piper [1'30"] X. Hot Time in the Old Town - fiddle [5'00"].- Two Hornpipes, C whistle [1'50"] X. (Jigs for) Cliff / Miss Brown. + Two Quadrille Tunes, D [1'50"] X. Learnt from old fiddler. PTO. About his life. Canada - from melodeon player.- P/mazurka. C whistle. Paddy Carter. Talk before music [0'35"] [2'15"] Total [2'50"].- The Morning Star. C whistle. (CD) Talk after with words of tune [1'00"].- Kittle My Navel (Mrs McLeod) [0'40"].- Fiddle. Archie o' Lambholm / strathspey [0'45"] (farmer on island between 1 + 2nd barriers).- Square Dance Tune (Canada) Steamboat Quickstep. Talk after seq [1'15"].- Whistle. Quadrille Tune [1'15"].- Maggie. Quadrille Tune. [0'40"].

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Peter Pratt plays a number of tunes on the whistle and fiddle, interspersed with talk about himself and his memories of life on the islands.

Posted by Andrew Pace, British Library on 07/03/2013 23:33:00