Peter Kennedy Collection

Mrs. Guille, Len Bellolil, Jack De La Mare, Guernsey and Sark 1957. Channel Islands tape 6

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    Peter Kennedy Collection

  • Recording locations

    Vale, Guernsey, Channel Islands

  • Performers

    Bellolil, Len (melodeon / spoken, male), Bellolil, Mrs. (spoken, female), De la Mare, Jack (singer, male), Guille, Elizabeth (singer, female)

  • Recordist

    Kennedy, Peter

  • Description

    [*Peter Kennedy's notes transcribed verbatim from the original tape box*] [On box] Guernsey, Channel Islands. Mrs Guille (Sark) repeat "Les Trois Tambours". Len Belloiel (acc) Barbiere - H/T Polka. Jack de la Mare, 1. Si L'Avais les Souliers. 1st att + talk. Good talk about himself. Intro only to "Trois Jeunes Soldats". [Inside] Channel Islands. Mrs Guille (of Sark) Catel, Guernsey (cont). Les Trois Tambours, good talk "shooting" tomatoes. Acouree dans mois Bateau [0'25"] D. A - talk follows.- Repeat of Les Trois Jeunes Tambours [3'15"], 1 join. Talk about work at Stocks Hotels. Talk in Sercque (Sarkese) [1'30"] + [1'20"]. Names of people on Sark. Clock chimes. By Mrs E. Guille and Mrs E. Belloeil. Explain PK. - Talk by Mrs Belloeil. 1st att N/G The Peaness on Sark. 2nd att.- Len B (melodeon) C/C# [0'32"] [1'05"] [1'35"] Total [2'05"].- [2'07"] Repeat La Barbiere. [2'40"] Heel and Toe. The Sark Dance. [1'08"] No Fancy Girls for Me (? step).- Jack de la Mare, Rocquaine, Guernsey.- Si j'avais les Souliers. 1st att. Talk about grandfather and work. Intro to next song on next tape. R.

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Part of Peter Kennedy's 1957 collecting trip to the Channel Islands. The tape box indicates these recordings were made in Guernsey, but the singers and musicians appear to be from Sark. There is much talk before and after performances.

Posted by Andrew Pace, British Library on 04/03/2013 21:33:00