Peter Kennedy Collection

Sheila Gallagher, Middle Dere, Donegal 1953. Tape 3

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    Peter Kennedy Collection

  • Recording locations

    Middle Dere, Donegal, Ireland

  • Performers

    Gallagher, Sheila (singer, female / spoken, female)

  • Recordist

    Kennedy, Peter

  • Description

    [*Peter Kennedy's notes transcribed verbatim from the original tape box*] 17. Talk about father and early life, The Singing Match - story (with song in Gaelic) Black Rose [5'16"].- 18. Talk about hard times. Lilting for step dance (Irish Washerwoman) dance descr / lilting [3'07"].- 19. Description of "Double Dance" [1'07"].- 20. The Boys of Paddy's Land (English) [2'14"].- 21. The Green Autumn Stubble (Gaelic) talk after [2'26"] Explain in English of 21.- 22. Caacha Londubh Buidhe (Galic) song [3'25]", talk after. [4'30"].- 23. Brigid Vesey (Old Gaelic) Song 1'23" (talk after about old Gaelic [2'38"].- X25 Lord Mayo (Gaelic) [1'56"].- 20146. B. Talk: Singing Match: frag of "Roise Dubh" [5'00"].- 20147 F.1. Talk: Hard Times; lilting; dance descr [2'55"]. 2. Descr. Double Dance [1'05"].- B.1. The Boys of Paddy's Land [2'07"] 2. Ar Chonnlaigh Ghlaid An Fhoghmhair (talk after) [2'18"].- 20148. F. Cuacha Londubh Buidhe (talk after) [4'15"].- B.1. Brighid Bheasach (talk after) [2'28"] 2. Tighara Mhuigheo (talk before) [1'50"]. [Quality note: audible print-through]

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Sheila Gallagher, aged 90, sings a number of songs in Gaelic and English. She talks about herself and her songs with Sean O'Boyle. As there was no electricity in her cottage, Kennedy was using his car battery to run the tape recorder.

Posted by Andrew Pace, British Library on 03/03/2013 18:24:00