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Basque Music

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    Peter Kennedy Collection

  • Recording locations

    Pamplona, Navarra, Spain

  • Recordist

    Kennedy, Peter

  • Description

    [*Peter Kennedy's notes transcribed verbatim from the original tape box*] La Sonle. Procession. Drum and 3 hole pipes with tamburer. Beaten string instrument. 2 horses and 12 attendants. Only short extract - end of side 1.- Stationary Dance. Short extract. Clapping + process. Finish.- Bottom Track. Mr Martin. Mr Hollands - North Helpringham, Lincs. 25.3.53. Plough Play. 3 songs from Mr Hornby (?).- Side 1 "Oberena" Pamplona Group. 5. Band. 5 guitars +mandolin. La Jota en Navarra. Tamb. acc. cornet. 8 dancers, 4 men + women. Working in turns. Then they break into a square Fandango step. Peasant costume. Mike moved during tune I know! 8 girls with hoops - banged together. Arku. (Tune like Mullard).- Pamplona Dancers:- 2 men playing shawm + drummer. Starts with 1 only for procession. 8 men + 8 girls with red ribbon in between. Cadena. Then 2 shawms for Fandango type dance in slow rhythm. Men red beret and belts - white costume. Jota Vieja. Girls. White with dark blue tunics and skirts with red band at bottom. Then processional dance 3/4 taking partners hands and swaying with skirts swaying. Vals. Drumming between dance. Fandango precessional using side step then move forward. Fandango. With slow walk holding partner (123 step) Boleras.- Stationary dance with blanks in music where they cross over. At end men kneel, audience claps! Corrida. Then proc. off. Followed immediately by entrance of 2 Hobby Horses + attendants.

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