Peter Kennedy Collection

Bob Hewitt, James Fussey, Billy Pennock, Mrs Hewitt, Lincolnshire 1955

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    Peter Kennedy Collection

  • Recording locations

    East Halton, Lincolnshire, England; Goathland, North Yorkshire, England; Exeter, Devon, England

  • Performers

    Hewitt, Bob (singer, male), Hewitt, Mrs (singer, female), Goodall, Steve, Fussey, James (fiddle / spoken, male), Pennock, Billy (singer, male / spoken, male), Brown, Hilary

  • Recordist

    Kennedy, Peter

  • Description

    'Old Johnny Buckle; Old Johnny Buckle; Ground for the Floor; Barbary Allen; Miller's Daughter; Poor Old Horse; Young Sailor Cut Down; The Trooper (The Game-Cock)'. Bob Hewitt, Mrs Hewitt, Steve Goodall. 1. Bob Hewitt: Old Johnny Buckle (minstrel) C# [0'06"].- 2. Mrs Bob Hewitt: Old Johnny Buckle, F [1'30"].- 3. Steve Goodall: Ground for the Floor, F# [3'15"].- 4. Steve Goodall (talk before): Barbary Allen, Eb [6'53"].- 5. Jim Barrett (North Waltham, 10.8.55): Miller's Daughter, F# [12'36"].- 6. Frank Cole (North Waltham 10.8.55): Poor Old Horse (frag.) C. Talk after [15'00"].- 7. Chas Maidment (and another in chorus): Young Sailor Cut Down (F#) [15'45"].- 8. Frank Cole: The Trooper (The Game-Cock) (Bb) with introduction [20'46"]. 'Heel and Toe Polka; Country Dance (Off She Goes); Copenhagen Waltz; Square Eight tune; Unnamed Country Dance; Officer's Polka; The Two Lovers; Toe-Toey; Wait for the Wagon'. James Fussey, Billy Pennock, Hilary Brown. 1. James Fussey (83) East Halton, Lincs 27.3.53, fiddle: Heel and Toe Polka, Words of same - talk about learning fiddle etc, Heads Across: Country Dance (off she goes) [0'04"].- 2. Billy Pennock, Goathland, N. Yorks 1.4.53: Copenhagen Waltz - tune hummed with talk, Square Eight - tune hummed with talk - description of dance, Unnamed Country Dance - tune hummed with talk. Talk about family and jobs (blacksmith) and local area. Further talk about Country Dancing in District, Officers Polka - tune played on fiddle [5'18"].- 3. Hilary Brown (daughter of Richard Pearce) Exeter 13.10.54: The Two Lovers [13'58"].- 4. Harry Holland, Exeter 13.10.54, Carrier between Sidmouth. Toe-Toey (Mallard) First part of song, talk following: Wait for the Waggon (and Bert palmer, his nephew), Sidbury, talk about carrier's life, description of journey. Then Bert Palmer talking and Harry again [16'25"].

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