Peter Cooke Uganda Collection

Discussion on content of songs previously recorded

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    Peter Cooke Uganda Recordings

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    Silagi's homestead, Bukoona, Busoga, Uganda

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    Cooke, Peter

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    Item note: Free ranging discussion with some translation. Begins with discussion of text of Enhonhyi Kolojo and meaning of the word 'kolojo'. At pgm 09 some discussion of his own role - I am a composer with a job to compose songs for the different ministries who approach him. At times when his words are important he comes out in front of his instrumentalists, they play more carefully. The ndingidi player comes out with him to assist to keep the tune going. Followed (at 1hr 14') by discusssion of Baliraine and the variation introduced. Parts of the song are played over on cassette machine to aid discussion of points. This song also includes listing of the clans and their totems. Flute is not playing words in this song - simply ornamenting the melody. Composed this version of the song (an old one) in 1983. Discussion ends around 1hr 25'. followed by request from Silagi abut the fate of his recordings and possiblities of a visit to UK. Recording note: Prefaced by some noise of mic being moved and at other intervals during the discussion. Recordist's note: In Peter Cooke's notes, this is PCUG94.3.1 (pgm01-).

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