Peter Cooke Uganda Collection

Brief Announcements on PA in Luganda / Amadinda songs / Arrival music for the Ssabataka

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    Peter Cooke Uganda Recordings

  • Recording locations

    Nakivubo Football Stadium, Kampala, Uganda

  • Performers

    Cooke, Andrew (amadinda), Ssempeke, Albert (amadinda)

  • Recordist

    Cooke, Peter

  • Description

    Item note: National anthems mixed with Kiganda drumming. Performance note: Crowd noises continue as tape is left running. Then second announcement mentioning imminent arrival of the Ssbataka and the order of events. Ssempeke is announced that he will play amadinda with Andrew Mukasa Cooke (applause). Very distant recording (recordist some 20 yards from xylophone) whose sounds are broadcast on PA and prematurely ended when Ssabataka's car is seen arriving at the gates of the ground. Drumming taken up again because Ssabataka arrives. Then interrupted by National Anthem of Uganda, then anthem of Buganda, then National anthem of UK, Broadcast on PA with stadium singing and cheering. Punctuated by drumming at end as Ssabataka salutes and prepares to walk into the VIP enclosure. Kiganda drumming and rattles accompany UK anthem. Much ululation competing with PA. Large crowd including dancers surround the Prince, including his traditional personal bodyguard dressed with barkcloth. Ssempeke joins drummers with his flute. Bugle player also heard (c.1hr 14'). Another Luganda announcement (almost drowned in drumming and crowd noises). PA microphones pick up (and distort) drumming sounds. Drumming stops and recorded choral and orchestral UK anthem (last part of it is repeated), Ssempeke still fluting. Recording of choir singing a hymn to tune of Dives and Lazarus on PA at 1h 22'. Xylophone also enters simultaneously for a while. Royal and Clan emibala patterns also to be heard (c 1hr 24'). Hymn 'All creatures of our God and King' then broadcast but then abruptly interrupted and dancing drums begin again as dancers perform for Prince. Drumming becomes very hot (c 1hr 30'). Amadinda xylophone also to heard in distance. Ends at 1hr 33' 07". Then solitary horn blown while xylophone continues in distance. PC then takes mics. over to the xylophone. (Andrew Cooke and Ssempeke playing "Agenda N'Omulungi"). Crowd noises continue as footballers have begun their match. Performer's note: Master of Ceremonies. Local drum and dance group. Recording note: Stereo digital recordings were made using a Sony DAT Walkman machine on cassettes mostly of two hours duration with Sennheiser omnidirectional microphones. Recordist's note: In Peter Cooke's notes, this is PCUG92.9.10; 9.11; 9.12.

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