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Kiswezi ritual / Enswezi ritual song / 7 Soga "Kiswezi" songs / Muwanga? / Ali wagulu Kiwanuka banguwekko [Kiwanuka is in the skies] / Soga "Kiswezi" song

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    Peter Cooke Uganda Recordings

  • Recording locations

    Home of Maganda Byekwaso at Bunhyiro, Kawete, Busoga, Uganda

  • Performers

    Kyebajja Tobona Cultural Group, Maganda, Byekwaso (singer, male)

  • Recordist

    Cooke, Peter

  • Description

    Performance note: Begins with clap. Followed by use of rattles. Ululation. Sound of chicken being grabbed. Byekwaso directs ritual. Much discussion along with use of rattles. Barking preceeds "possession" of four adepts. Includes a change of song done without a break c 5' 30". Lukowe continues to bark while they are calmed down and she announces her spirit c. 7' 50". Short song followed by talk when posessed identifies her spirit. Another short song followed by talk when posessed identifies her spirit. Short song. Followed by further talk by second posessed person - a man. Barks from posessed woman continue. Short song. "Omugeni"? Woman still posessed. Calls out and barks. Rattles continue - mention of embuzi (goat)? Ritual continues. Woman still barking. Byekwaso talks to his adepts. Goats are present. Second woman posessed. Some laughter and jubilation. Conversations with posesssed continue at length. Ritual continues without a break. Sounds like Kiganda drumming. A short song again. Followed by further discussions with possessed. "Dance coming up". Some kiganda rhythms included in this dance song. Followed by a little more chat. Xylophone leads off. Much use of kazoos here for choral response. Item completed just before end of tape. Recording note: Has some crackle on it, also wind noise. Wind noise getting stronger. Recorded at 3 3/4 ips, recorded on video. Recordist's note: In Peter Cooke's notes, this is PCUG88.7.1 - 7.12.

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