Peter Cooke Uganda Collection

'Nagule ka nyangolol'

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    Peter Cooke Uganda Recordings

  • Recording locations

    Matheniko, near Moroto, Karamoja, Uganda

  • Performers

    Unidentified (singers, children)

  • Recordist

    Cooke, Peter

  • Description

    Item note: This is a song for women and girls. Song words: "Ayai nagule ka nyangolol Nakodengok ieya Kakondengok Ayai nagule kay nyangolol Meturan ieya Ayai nagule ka nyangolol Nangolebwal ieya Lokorongole Ngakonei Lele ieya Lowakide Ngakonei Lele ieya Lotome Ngakonei Lele ieya Kangole Ngakonei Lele ieya Kotido Ngakonei Lele ieya Lorengedwat Ngakonei Lele ieya"; Trans. "I am in the gulf of the river Nakodengop Eh! I am in the gulf of the river ieya Meturon Eh! Meturon Eh! Nangolebwal Eh! Lokorongole Friends eh! Eh! Lowakide Friends Eh! Eh! Etc. Sung by women and girls" Performer's note: Karamojong children from Matheniko. Recordist's note: In Peter Cooke's notes, this is on side 1 [Track A] of his 'TAPE PC 2'.

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