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Nam mangal, Vaishnava prayer at Beganati Satra

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    RK DAT 52

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  • Recording locations

    Under cotton baldachin in front of the namghar (prayer hall), Benganati Satra, Majuli, Jorhat district, Assam.

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  • Performers

    Bhuban Hazarika Bayan (khol drum), Moniram Bayan (khol drum), Jaya Likaru (khol drum), Tarun Hazarika (khol drum), Namoram Bayan (khol drum), Jogan Dutta Bayan (khol drum), Monuram Hazarika (singer, cymbal), Jagat Gayan (singer, cymbal), Tankeswar Gayan (singer, cymbal), Durgerwar Gayan (singer, cymbal), Jogen Hazarika (singer, cymbal), Jaya Likharu (group leader), Bhuban Bhuyan (singer, cymbal), Janga Kalita (singer, cymbal), Noben Hazarika (singer, cymbal), Chagreswar Dutta (singer, cymbal)

  • Recordist

    Killius, Rolf

  • Description

    It is a wonderful winter afternoon in the hot sun. The dance master/teacher Mr. Jogen Dutta Bayon has organised a special recording event at the Benganati Satra (Hindu village community). The Bayans (singers and cymbal players) and Gayans (khol drummers) are the senior musicians of this satra. Around 100 spectators from the surrounding villages have gathered to watch the event. In Benganati Satra the bhakats are married and the families live around the namghar (prayer hall). As in the celibate satras, only men are singers, musicians and dancers. The performers are dressed in white cotton dhotis (lower cloth) and turbans. This Nam mangal prayer is dedicated to god Vishnu and his incarnations. Bayan (khol players): Bhuban Hazarika Bayan, Moniram Bayan, Jaya Likaru, Tarun Hazarika, Namoram Bayan, and Jogan Dutta Bayan. Gayan (singers and cymbal players): Monuram Hazarika, Jagat Gayan, Tankeswar Gayan, Durgerwar Gayan, Jogen Hazarika, Jaya Likharu (leader), Bhuban Bhuyan, Janga Kalita, Noben Hazarika, and Chagreswar Dutta. The artists belong to the Assamese community and Assamese belongs to the north Indian language group.

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