Music from India

Sora healing song

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    RK DAT 09

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    In front of the house of the artist, Tame Gorjang village, Orissa.

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    Mr India (jenjurungrai lute)

  • Recordist

    Killius, Rolf

  • Description

    This Sora musical piece is performed while the traditional Sora healer performs a healing ritual (pirpir) using trance. The village head of the small traditional Sora community calls himself Mr. India and is a singer and jenjurungrai lute player. He belongs to the Sora tribe and sings in the Austro-Asiatic language Sora. One of the key elements of the Sora religion is the ability of their priests and priestesses to communicate with their ancestors through trance. The jenjurungrai lute is held in high esteem and regarded as especially suitable to accompany this genre. Mr. India’s song consists of only three notes and he supports himself on the lute. The jenjurungrai is plucked by the right index finger, while the small finger, carrying a brass ring with little bells, continuously strikes the instrument body to keep the beat. The three notes of the songs are replicated on the instrument by plucking and stopping the string, using three of the four frets.

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