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Sora wedding dance music

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    RK DAT 05

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  • Recording locations

    On a harvested rice field, five minutes from Sitambeta, plains village called Arkana Kuda, Andhra Pradesh.

  • Performance occasion

    Late morning

  • Performers

    Shumpra, Buay (pane oboe), Sakana (banbai, dholak type, horizontally played drum), Babaduu (kading), Sadanga (bamboo flute)

  • Recordist

    Killius, Rolf

  • Description

    The typical Sora dance ensemble is called kading-pane, which consists at least of two pane oboe and the kading kettle drum. The artists belong to the Sora tribe and speak the Austro-Asiatic language Sora. Traditionally this ensemble is exclusively reserved for celebrations and festivals related to the Sora ancestor worship. In this recording the performance was given by a semi-professional village dance group and additional instruments were used. Usually this group performs for weddings and official local government events. The male performers are Shumpra, Buay (pane); Sakana (banbai, a dholak type horizontally played drum); Anka (gangala cymbals); Babaduu (kading), Janaraju (ranoy bamboo rasp); and Sadanga (bamboo flute). Ten female perfomers sing wedding songs and dance.

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Singers initally unaccompanied. Band joins in at 01:06.

Posted by Adrian Arthur, Head of Web Services, British Library on 18/03/2009 12:15:00