Kenneth Gourlay Uganda Collection

Zuzzuk music

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    Tyap (Kagoro)

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    2CDR0006174 (copy of C105/34)

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    Ken Gourlay collection

  • Recordist

    Gourlay, Ken

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    All notes transcribed from spoken announcements on tape: zozo music at Makabon on 10th June 1976; [drumming, male singing, female vocal ululations; singing ceases, hocketting panpipes (zuzzuk)]; [Gourlay]: that recording was made while the tape recorder was in the shelter of the house and the performers were on the other side of the road about...; [continuation of drumming, hocket panpipes (zuzzuk) and vocal ululations and later singing]. [For detailed notes and cross references see: "A descriptive catalogue of recorded sound" compiled by Ken A Gourlay for the musicology section of the Centre for Nigerian Cultural Studies, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. See also: Ames, David W. and Gourlay, Ken A. (1978): "Kimkim: A Woman's Musical Pot" from African Arts 11 (2) p.64 top for discussion of structure].

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