Kenneth Gourlay Uganda Collection

Night dance at Kotido - various songs

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  • Duration


  • Cultures

    Karamojong (Jie)

  • Shelf mark

    2CDR0006139 (copy of C105/12)

  • Recording date

    1966-04-15 and 1966-04-16

  • Is part of (Collection)

    Ken Gourlay collection

  • Recording locations

    Kotido, Karamoja, Uganda

  • Performers

    Olir, Abraham

  • Recordist

    Gourlay, Ken

  • Description

    Recording arranged by Sr. Eileen Milligan with Abraham Olir. Outdoor recording with bonfire and beer. The following notes are transcribed from typed notes in IMC file [cut 7 is divided in the notes into the following 12 items. However they are unannounced and run straight into each other: Ngariam lodiata - Ox with one horn up and the other down; Individual ox-song; Lead by Abraham OlirNgikeny ho - Birds ho!; General dance song for edonga (man's leaping song) Amosing eeya akuret ama - The rhinoceros scratching place is there; General dance song for edonga (man's leaping song); Amosing awalangiria - A grey rhinoceros with one horn; General dance song for edonga (man's leaping song); Kilamilamak ngamuk - Now that he has cast his sandals; Women's song for praising a man; Aeyoye ioye Longolekwang - (Alas, alas) Ox with a white patch on the forehead; Women's individual song; Tocapata anyang - Let us weed the sorghum; Women's song for weeding; Ngidwe ya ngidwe - the girls are happy; Women's and girl's song when moving to a place to gather black soil (for doing their hair); Ieoye apak ngimoru ka ngirisae ekales - O yes, the ostrich has brought honour to the men of the Ngimoru and Ngirisae (age-sets); general dance song for edonga (men's leaping song); Yeyangaya ebok toreme lukeme - The sorghum is like a brown ox with white patches; general dance song for edonga (men's leaping song); Tolom nangolol - Go into the river; general dance song for edonga (men's leaping song);

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