Kenneth Gourlay Uganda Collection

Akiwudakin - General song for ceremonial feast

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    2CDR0006137 (copy of C105/10)

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    Ken Gourlay collection

  • Recording locations

    Moruangor village, near Lotome, Moroto, Uganda

  • Recordist

    Gourlay, Ken

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    Gathering of the cattle before moving off to dry season pastures. Recording arranged by Eileen Milligan. Men and women of the village. Simultaneous recordings made by John Blacking and Lois Anderson except that Blacking's voice can be heard announcing 'Item No. 49' in the pause after the first section of the akiwar (59a). Text: Akiwar (short opening item to inctroduce Section song) - Solo: Yelelo lelo yelelo ngaatuk - Aa-ah! Cattle!; Chorus: Yelelo lelo yelelo - Aa-ah!; Kitaanyuanae iyong aoong ekiriam ka ngaatuk - You show me the place where they fight for the cattle.; Second Akiwar - Solo: Ikirem nyere nyere - We attacked a very big village; CHorus: Ikirem nyere iyo - We attacked a big village; Ikirem lomuton - We attacked Lomuton; Ikirem edout apua - We attacked and raised the dust. (Ekiriam: inter-tribal no-man's land, hence battle ground.); Song (originally a war song): Solo 1: Aoumunoi - Come for me (to join you); Solo and chorus: Aoumonoi - Come for me (to join you) there will be fighting; Solo 2: Eyai ekiriam lomuria lomuria - There will be fighting at the place where the emuria grass grows; Chorus: Aoumunoi aoumonuoi - come for (to join you) come for me; Solo 3: Eyai ekiriam lopongoria - there will be fighting at the place of black cotton soil where the grass tussocks have been uprooted; S2 - C; Solo 4: Ekiriam a naro a ngalam - there will be fighting at the place of black cotton soil where there is plenty of fruit; Solo 5: Aoumunoi isua luta ngimyarangaro - come for us. These men are daubed with clay (i.e. they have matted their har ready for battle) - C; Solo 6: Eyai ekiriam lolito - there will be a battle at Lolito; S2 - C; S3 - S2 - C; Solo 7: Ekiriam a naro a ngalepon - there will be fighting at the place of black cotton soil where there are many cattle; S5 - C.; Concluding Akiwar: Solo 1: O ajore namagulo - An attack on Namagulo!; Chorus: O yelelo aremi isua ngimoe - Yes - we attacked the enemy; Solo 2: Ikirem isuaa akwap - we attacked their territory; Chorus: Aremi isua ngimoe - we attacked the enemy; Solo 3: Oyelelo - Oh yes!; Chorus: Oyelelo - Yes, yes!; Solo 4: Toyenete ludalu - these men will bear witness; S and C: A iyo alom ajore lomuno ewap namoni - we followed through the bush; Chorus: Amoni aiyo - through the bush.

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