Kenneth Gourlay Uganda Collection


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    2CDR0006137 (copy of C105/10)

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    Ken Gourlay collection

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    Moruangor village, near Lotome, Moroto, Uganda

  • Recordist

    Gourlay, Ken

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    Section song of the Ngitomei (Elephant) people in praise of the elephant, their emblem (etian). Recording arranged by Eileen Milligan. Men and women of the village. Simultaneous recordings made by John Blacking and Lois Anderson except that Blacking's voice can be heard announcing 'Item No. 49' in the pause after the first section of the akiwar (59a)Text: Akiwar (short opening item to introduce Section song) - Ekapolon ka namuro - O you with big haunches; Solo: Ekapolon ka namuro oie-e - O you with the big haunches; Chorus: Mmmm-O Iyong - (agreement) You; Solo: Etom - Elephant; Chorus: arem akwara etom (twice) Mmm - O the spear has struck the elephant (twice) [first 2 lines repeat]; Emojong - the one very old in appearance; Iyong toremo (twice) - Spear (it) (twice); Arem akwara etom (twice) mmm-o - The spear has struck the elephant (twice).; Song - O toremo ekapolon - O spear with big haunches; Solo 1: O toremo ekapolon ka namuro - O spear the one with big haunches; Chorus: O toremo ekapolon - O spear the Big One; Solo 2: Etamio eremio - (the hunters) must think hard how to kill - C; Solo 3: Etamio eremio longole ekapolon - The huge one with the white tusks - C; Solo 4: Etamio eremio louco louco - (The hunters) must think hard how to kill the one that waves its tusks from side to side - C; Solo 5: Toremo ngice moi - Spear some soon - C; (Solo 2 - C); Solo 6: Etamio eremio lopur ngoloti apolon- think hard how to kill the huge one of great strength and courage - C; Solo 7: Etamio eremio lotimi kongu - Think hard how to kill the one with frightening eyes - C; Solo 8: Etamio eremio pulukuco pulukuco - think hard how to kill the huge one whose skin moves when it walks so that it is tight over the bones and loose in the hollows - C; (Solo 2 - C); Solo 9: Etamio eremio ekapolon - think hard how to kill the massive one - C; Etamio eremio lovowito - (?) - C; Solo 2 - C; Solo 9 - C; Solo 2 - C; Solo 7 - C; Solo 2 - C.; Akiwar (to end the song): Solo and Chorus: O-O-O Kiwoluwolut ngataruk ejamu - The vultures have eaten the flesh so that only the skin remains.

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