Kenneth Gourlay Uganda Collection

Akosipese - Our girl

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  • Cultures

    Karamojong, Karamojong (Jie)

  • Shelf mark

    2CDR0006137 (copy of C105/10)

  • Recording date


  • Is part of (Collection)

    Ken Gourlay collection

  • Recording locations

    Moroto Senior Secondary School, Moroto, Uganda

  • Performers

    Lokiru, Peter

  • Recordist

    Gourlay, Ken

  • Description

    Boys of S1. Recorded in a classroom concurrently with recordings made by John Blacking and Lois Anderson at Moroto Senior Secondary School; School boys sing: Girls and General songs; Recording arranged by John Bultler, headmaster of the school. A joking song sung by men when going for a betrothal; S/L: Peter Lokiru (Kapelimoru, Jie country); The subject is described as 'a beautiful girl but she was a witch'. For 'Nakong' see C105/10 C3.Text: Solo 1: Akosipese Nakong - Our girl, Nakong; Nginati Adurunan - who can foretell the future; Solo 2: Nakapangoria Nakong - Goat with black and white markings, Nakong; Nginati Aduarunan - When Nakong is not there; Solo 3: Ani ca emam Nakong - When Nakong is not there; Eyai arum kotido - there is a swarm of bees at Kotido; Solo 4: Nakapangorok nakong - goat with black and white markings, nakong; Nginati Aduarunan - who can foretell the future; Chorus: Natikairan Loyolo - who gives birth to her children over there; Lokitela Ngataruk - in the wild place where there are vultures.Order of performance: After the opening solo/lead the chorus is continuous; the song ends with the chorus sung twice; S1,1,2,3,1,3,1,2,3,3,1,1,3,3,2,4,1,3,3,1,2,4,1.; Recorded as part of the Makarere African studies programme field recordings, supervised by John Blacking.

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