Kenneth Gourlay Uganda Collection

Ngae ngae Kakong - Who? Who? Nakong

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    2CDR0006137 (copy of C105/10)

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    Ken Gourlay collection

  • Recording locations

    Moroto Senior Secondary School, Moroto, Uganda

  • Performers

    Loruk, Lawrence

  • Recordist

    Gourlay, Ken

  • Description

    Boys of S1. Recorded in a classroom concurrently with recordings made by John Blacking and Lois Anderson at Moroto Senior Secondary School; School boys sing: Girls and General songs; Recording arranged by John Bultler, headmaster of the school. Girl's song; sung by girls when pleased; lead by Lawrence Loruk (Kaangole) with boys chorus and handclapping.Text: Solos: Solo 1: Ngai? - Who?; Solo 2: Nakong Nakong; Solo 3: Yori a yori a - one born during the period of white ants; Solo 4: Enala nakong lokiya a ngikee - nakong says - we have the containers fo the white ants; Chorus: Ngai Ngai - Who? who?; Eruori ka nakong - Nakong's 'talk'; Chorus: Ngai ngai? - Who? Who?; Eruori ka Nakong - Nakong's 'talk'.Order of performance: S1 - C; S2 - C; S3 - C; S4 - C; S4 - C; S4 - C; S2 - C; S3 - C; S2 - C; S3 - C; S4 - C; S4 - C; S3 - C.; note: Nakong is an obscure figure who occurs in several stories. She has magical powers and an unpleasant character. Collecting and eating flying ants during the season when they emerge from the ground is a favourite pastime of all inhabitants of Karamoja.

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