John Brearley Botswana Collection

Guitar song. Bakadzi kulu Chinukane

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    C65/62; kalahari_4_MZ00024.WAV

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    John Brearley Botswana Collection

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    Nata, Botswana

  • Performers

    John, Kenny (guitar / singer, male)

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    Brearley, John

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    (Kalanga) fade is natural

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African Harmony: *The bass movement goes from (what would be considered such in the west) a 1, 4, 5. Interestingly the intervals of the octave, 4ths and 5ths are nearly ubiquitous in traditional african harmonic processes. *The chordal movement is a balance between homophonic parallelism and pedal note movement. *Due to the short length of the chordal melody it essentially takes on the role of an ostinato. *This is an example of neo-ttraditional music. while some aspects are clearly western in original, others such as those above show a clear African predilection namely, the tendency to adopt foreign elements that do not conflict with existing processes.

Posted by Daniel Jones, Researcher on 16/04/2019 01:07:00