John Brearley Botswana Collection

Electronic keyboard. /Ukuri

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    C65/60; kalahari_2_MZ00018.WAV

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    John Brearley Botswana Collection

  • Recording locations

    Grootlaagte, Ghanzi, Botswana

  • Performers

    /Ukuri (keyboard), Brearley, John (violin)

  • Recordist

    Brearley, John

  • Description

    Recordist on violin with keyboardist

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African Harmony: *While he chord progression can be considered a 1, 4, 5 in western conception, the voice movement betrays an African harmonic process beneath in the use of homophonic parallelism and pedal notes *This song is in the key of Gbmajor/F#major *The first chord is second inversion F#major chord, the second chord is a Bmaj6 chord. This is significant becouse it preserves the parallelism in the keyboard voicing. Gbmajor in the second inversion from bottom to top is Bb-Db-Gb, that is an interval of a 3rd and 4th respectively. The intervalict structure of a 6th chord such as in the case of the Bmaj6 is also one of a 3rd and a 4ths. Hence the voice movement is in homophonic parallelism. *interestingly the intervalic structure of 3rd+4th is common in African music that uses triads. it also fits within the tradtions of African music that uses the octave, 4ths and 5th intervals as these are important structural intervals in african music.

Posted by Daniel Jones, Researcher on 16/04/2019 02:00:00