John Brearley Botswana Collection

Women sewing group singing. Indoors

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    Khoisan (Naro) [Nharo]

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    John Brearley Botswana Collection

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    D'kar (Dekar) near Ghanzi, Botswana

  • Performers

    unidentified (singers, women)

  • Recordist

    Brearley, John

  • Description

    This started off in a room where about 12 women were at work, using sewing machines and singing as they worked.

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African Harmony: *polyphonic texture with parallel dyads and octave lines *the melodies are hocketed between one another this principle of interlocking is seen in select african music such as the amadinda xylophone music. In this case, women are sinign in an interlocking fashion unique from call and response.

Posted by Daniel Jones, Researcher on 16/04/2019 02:08:00