Decca West African recordings

Bi ye ma nya

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African Harmony: *Chorus sings usinghomophonic parallelism in parallel 3rds and octaves. *The flutist plays broken parallel harmonies and parallel dyads (broken), in addition to variations and improvisations around thematic material African form and Song structure: *unidentified percussion uses ostinato-variations. *Smaller bells and shakers play rhythmic ostinatos. *The flute plays improvised melodic phrases

Posted by Daniel Jones, Researcher on 16/03/2019 23:13:00

Song structure: unidentified percussion uses ostinato-variations. Smaller bells and shakers play rhythmic ostinatos. The flute plays improvised melodic phrases African harmony: The chorus sings in parallel thirds doubled in octaves.

Posted by Daniel A. Jones, Researcher on 05/03/2019 22:29:00