Arnold Adriaan Bake South Asian Music Collection

1. Lagre song; 2. Lagre song; 3. Sohrai song (beginning); 4. Sohrai song (end)

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    Arnold Adriaan Bake South Asian Music Collection

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    Kairabani (Jharkhand)

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    Bake, Arnold Adriaan

  • Abstract

    1. Lagre song performed by two male vocalists. The song compares the course of human life to the flow of raindrops: "Rain drops gather on young leaves and fall to the earth shortly after. Similarly, human life is of short duration and the human body returns to the earth after death." (also on C52/2134: 1); 2. Other lagre song (also on C52/1643: 3, C52/2134: 2 & 3); 3. Sohrai song (beginning); 4. Sohrai song (end). Lyrics of 3. & 4.: "The Sohrai festival is as huge as an elephant! Elder sister, come out and see, the festival is going on that is like an elephant!" (3. & 4. also on C52/2134: 4. & 5.); 5. Ref. tone. Reasonable quality recording.

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    Bake India I, No.7: Santali music

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