Arnold Adriaan Bake South Asian Music Collection

1. Sohrai song; 2. "Boge gupi do": Santali church song; 3. Sohrai song

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    Arnold Adriaan Bake South Asian Music Collection

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    Kairabani (Jharkhand)

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    Bake, Arnold Adriaan

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    1. Sohrai song, played unisono on two large tiriya flutes. Sohrai is the Santal harvest festival in December/January (also on C52/2127, 2132: 1); 2. First two stanzas of "Boge gupi do", a church song in Santali language about keeping the church flock safe and saving those who stray from the right path. Composed by the Norwegian missionary Lars Olsen Skrefsrud (1840-1910), sung by male Santali vocalist. The full lyrics of the song are published in the Santali church song book "SereĊ„ Puthi" (Reprint 2015: song 373, page 168). The song is still performed in Santali churches in Jharkhand. (also on C52/1642: 1 [cylinder missing at BL Sound Archive], C52/2128, and C52/2132: 2); 3. Sohrai song performed by male vocalist, ending with some spoken words. Lyrics: "For the last five years, there has been a bad harvest. Now, after five years, a good harvest has come, and we can fill our stomachs and enjoy the food." (also on C52/2132: 3); 4. Ref tone (unidentified).

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    Bake India I, No.1: Santali music

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