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Replica tinfoil phonograph

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    9 Frow 1987

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    Cylinder players

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    Goodwin Ive, Surrey

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    The original tinfoil phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison in 1877. Whilst working on developing automatic repeaters for telegraph messages in Morse code, he realised that as well as dots and dashes, the sound waves of speech could be indented into an impressionable foil surface. The foil is folded around a mandrel which moves along with its feedscrew as the handle is turned. The black circular fitting contains the diaphragm which replays the sound. Foils were easily damaged and were impossible to copy. Wax was later found to be a superior material for cylinders. This replica was made in 1977 by the late Goodwin Ive of Surrey. Dimensions: Width: 460 mm Height: 165 mm Depth: 206 mm Mandrel diameter: 80 mm approx.

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