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Edison Disc Phongraph

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    The Edison Disc Phongraph was introduced in 1912, when it was clear that the wax cylinder had lost the popularity battle with the gramophone record. Edison’s discs, however, were recorded with vertical modulations, or ‘hill and dale’, and thus his machines would not play conventional lateral cut records. The reproducer ‘s diaphragm is horizontal, and there is no stylus bar. Like all Edison products, the B-19 Chalet was beautifully made. Behind the cloth backed grille is an internal horn which swivels silently as the reproducer tracks across the disc, assisted by a worm and nut feed. The cabinet on this example is ‘red gum’ wood. The Chalet was made between 1919 and 1923. This is an early model. Dimensions: Width: 481 mm Depth: 540 mm Height: 515 mm

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