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Thermionic Products Soundmirror tape recorder: playback head

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    Magnetic recorders

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    Thermionic Products

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    Magnetic recording works by using electro magnets of variable power to magnetise a tape or wire in sympathy with the electrical energy coming from a microphone. Unlike disc recording, it could have no acoustic precursor: it relied upon the microphone converting sound waves to electrical pulses. Here the playback head, the magnet which ‘reads’ the tape, is in the centre of the image. The record head is folded down to its left. Dating from the late 1940s to early 1950s, this is the oldest tape recorder in the collection. It is a single speed, full-track machine in a wooden cabinet with large internal loudspeaker. Selling for approximately £100, it was aimed primarily at the educational market. It was essentially a re-badged version of the American Brush BK411. The name 'Soundmirror' was first used on a Brush wire recorder of 1937. With the coming of plastic tape after World War Two, magnetic recording came into its own. Dimensions: Width: 450 mm Depth: 330 mm Height: 290 mm Max reel size: 180mm or 7 inches

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