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Bing 'Pigmyphone' toy gramophone: 360° rotatable view of the machine.

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    25 Frow 1988

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    Record players

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    Bing, Nurnberg

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    360° rotatable view of the machine. In the 1920s, children's record players became noticeably popular. Bing, a company based in Nuremberg, were well known as a manufacturer of mechanical toys and teddy bears. They had a department devoted to making a range of children's record players and the 'Pigmyphone' is a typical example of their work. These machines were made from sheet metal and painted with simple, colourful illustrations, often depicting fairy tale or jazz-age figures. The Pigmyphone was a cheaply made but robust machine, capable of withstanding the rough handling associated with a spirited child. The horn was fixed directly to the diaphragm and the turntable's motor was key-wound. All the parts could be disassembled and stored in the decorated metal case for transport. Dimensions: Width: 165 Height: 72 Depth: 165

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    Bing 'Pigmyphone' toy gramophone: 360° rotatable view of the machine.

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