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Pye 1005 'Achiphon' stereo record player: control panel

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    20 NSA 1991

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    Record players

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    Pye Ltd.

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    An oblique view of the control panel showing the careful detailing of the knobs and the surrounding plate. Stereophonic records made their first appearance in 1958. Using two separate channels, the effect was designed to give dimensionality to recordings. Initially, it was exploited as a gimmick, and early stereo records contained recordings of moving objects such as trains and racing cars, the sounds of which travelled dramatically from one speaker to another. The 'Achoic Box' (pronounced 'ak-oy-ik'), sometimes called the 'Achiphon', was a compact stereo record player made by the British electronics company, Pye Ltd. It had six speakers facing sideways to give what the company claimed to be 'six feet of stereo separation' with the power to 'exploit a room's acoustic potentialities as they have never been exploited before'. It was advertised in conjunction with Pye's own record label as a machine through which their stereo releases could be most readily appreciated. Notable for its elegant design, the Achoic Box is emblematic of the 1960s. Dimensions: Width: 575 mm Height: 575 mm (240 mm closed) Depth: 440 mm

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