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Edison Amberola 50 phonograph: looking along the mandrel

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    11 Frow 1987

  • Subjects

    Cylinder players

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    1915 to 1929

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    Looking along the mandrel, where the cylinder would be placed. The reproducer is a Diamond Model C, black-lacquered. Its stylus can be seen at the top of the picture, and the resilient metal mounting between the reproducer and its frame towards the left. The last type of cylinder phonograph made by Edison, or indeed any other company, was the internal-horn Amberola range. It was offered in just three models, from 1915 to 1929. Simpler than previous machines, only 4 minute Amberol cylinders can be played. As with much earlier phonographs, the reproducer travels along the cylinder as it plays, propelled by the feedscrew. Inside the cabinet beneath, the metal horn moves round with the reproducer. It is suspended by a spring from its mid-point. Dimensions: Width: 380 mm Depth: 500 mm Height: 395 mm

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