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HMV Model 32 gramophone

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    10 Frow 1987

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    Record players

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    The Gramophone and Typewriter Co.

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    The last of HMV’s open-horn gramophones, this model was launched in 1927. It was priced at £9, compared with over £70 for the complex internal horn models of the day. The slope-sided, square, plinthed and corniced case contains a strong 4-spring motor. Also the sound conduit from the tone arm is carried through the case to emerge at the vertical sound pipe over which the horn fits. This ‘morning glory’ horn in black and gold may well pre-date the gramophone. The HMV No. 4 soundbox has a plain diaphragm. Dimensions: Height (including sound pipe): 230 mm Base depth: 459 mm Base width: 403 mm Horn mouth: 600 mm Horn length: 750 mm

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