Jellicoe, Ann (1 of 13).  The legacy of the English Stage Company.

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    2008-04-21, 2008-04-23, 2008-06-02, 2008-06-04

  • Interviewees

    Jellicoe, Ann, 1927-2017 (speaker, female)

  • Interviewers

    Devine, Harriet (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 1: [Session 1: 21 April 2008] Ann Jellicoe (AJ) born 15 July 1927, Middlesborough. Mother’s family Yorkshire country people. Great-grandfather was mole-catcher. Five daughters [of grandparents], one son – mother [Fanny Jackson Henderson, b. 1900] was 5ath daughter. Older sister [Mary] learned elocution, taught rest of family. Mother worked as secretary in big firm, changed name to Jill [JJ]. Siblings Mary, Hilda, Susie, Betty, Robert. Mother’s childhood illness, story of grandfather paying her to take medicine, saving for new shoes. Aunt Susie adopted by rich relations. Aunt Mary encouraged AJ to recite poetry. Grandfather worked for railways, became stationmaster. Description of Middlesborough house, laundry room, grand wash. Early memories of grandfather, and grandfather’s dog. [15.51]. Memory of grandmother [Hannah] with Alzheimers. Aunts, their characters, lives, appearances. Uncle [Robert] moved south, seldom seen. JJ’s secretarial training. Father, John Andrea Jellicoe [JAJ], born 1898. Maternal grandmother [Florence [FJ]] an artist, embroidered and painted. JAJ’s brother Geoffrey Ann Jellicoe [GAJ], changed middle name to Alan on adulthood. Paternal great-grandfather a jeweller in Oxford Street. AJ recalls JAJ telling her family secret – her great-grandparents never married. Great-grandmother born 1832. Great-grandfather son of a clockmaker, John Waylett, b. ca.1800. Inheritance problems on death of great-grandfather. FJ inherited property, was one of first women students at the Slade. Grandfather [George [GJ]] (a cad) married for money. Education of sons, JAJ not favoured, sent abroad, was in Germany at outbreak of WWI. Story of his missing passport [39.20]. JAJ recruited aged 15 as dispatch rider, two years in trenches, then joined Indian Army. GAJ finished education, became architect. Story of his study of Italian gardens, leading to his successful career. GJ published prints. His father [John?] a ‘black and white’ artist. Grandparents’ various houses. Separation of grandparents, story of his split with sons. AJ’s recollection of meeting with GJ. JJ’s relations with FJ, and AJ’s own relations with FJ. Memories of family gatherings. FJ’s flat, in north London. Her art, painting and sewing, embroidery in wool and silk. Her appearance and clothes [59.00]. Her attitude to AJ. JAJ’s return from India age 21. His lack of education and training, early career. His job in Middlesborough factory and later purchase of the firm. Meeting of AJ’s parents, their engagement, effect on JJ’s family. Refusal of JJ to allow fiancé’s parents to attend wedding [1.10]. Their first house, designed by GAJ. Lonely life of JJ, unhappiness of relationship. Birth of AJ. Story of being bitten by distempered dog, hospital visit of parents. Plastic surgery in London. JAJ’s affair, JJ’s departure, with AJ, end of marriage. AJ’s relations with JAJ after separation. Outings, meals, visits to music hall. Memories of FJ’s visit, Christmas with GAJ. Revisiting house and garden after break-up, description of house. Surviving furniture from house. Recalls go-cart made by JAJ, description of garden. House rented by JJ after break-up, description. Later move (AJ aged 12) to Saltburn. AJ sent to boarding school aged 8. First school, kindergarten. First theatrical experience, playing Cinderella [actually Sleeping Beauty]. Attending prep school, memory of visit of Duke and Duchess of York. Visit with JJ to ship launch. AJ’s acceptance of school, doing as she was told.

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    Life story interview with Ann Jellicoe, playwright, theatre director and actress.

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