Harwood, Ronald (16 of 18)  An Oral History of Theatre Design

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    2005-10-27, 2007-05-16, 2007-05-17, 2007-05-18, 2007-06-12

  • Recording locations

    Interviewee's home, Chelsea

  • Interviewees

    Harwood, Ronald 1934- (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    O'Ryan, Lydia (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 16:RH mentions nature of friendships made through International Pen and aspects of travel. Comments on attitude to politics, refers to W. H. Auden [WHA], Harold Pinter [HP], DH and Michael (Moore); mentions advice from Isaiah Berlin. Remarks on not seeking public office; refers to his Chairmanship of Royal Society of Literature and now President of the Royal Literary Fund. Early association, at request of Lord Goodman [LG], with Arts Council committee dealing with Obscenity and the Law; comments on wise advice from LG on being a successful Chairman. Further remarks on lack of desire for self aggrandisement and necessity for the writer to make views public through writing; refers to current debate in House of Lords on issue of a Union of British Academics wishing to ban Israeli Academics and students. Further comments on issue of voting; refers to Lord David Puttnam and Lord Melvyn Bragg in context of their membership of Labour Party. RH comments on his difficulties with left wing politics; cites left wing acceptance of President Putin of Russia and former East Germany. Refers to recent German film “The Life of Others” Quotes Jewish saying about importance of a good name; anecdote about AM. Remarks on RH’s non political activism. Anecdote about incident in South Africa, involving attempt to meet Winnie Mandela [WM] in Bloemfontein and related to film by HBO about Nelson Mandela [NM] starring Danny Glover and Alfre Woodard; mentions Helen Suzman and filming in Harare. Further comments on WM. RH talks about changes he perceived in Johannesburg and Cape Town. RH’s description of his mother’s time in England; her work at Barker’s, Derry & Tom’s; her enjoyment of theatre and eventual return to South Africa. Remarks on themes of letting go and taking a stand as explored in “Another Time”. Further remarks on RH’s mother. Comments on expression of personal feelings.

  • Description

    Interview with Ronald Harwood (1934-), theatre designer. Parts 1-4 comprise an interview about the life and work of Richard Negri, as recalled by Ronald Harwood. Parts 5-18 comprise Ronald Harwood's life story.

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