Golding, Llin (1 of 3).  The History of Parliament Oral History Project

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    House of Lords, London

  • Interviewees

    Golding, Llin, 1933- (speaker, female)

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    Ledgerwood, Emmeline, 1968- (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 1: [Session one: 15 May 2013]. Baroness Llinos Golding [LG], born 21 March 1933. Details of childhood in Hengoed in Rhymney Valley, South Wales. Description of family: father (miner), mother (schoolteacher) and four siblings. Mentions delivering leaflets for her father Ness Edwards [NE] in his first election campaign in 1939. Comments on Labour’s aims in the area to improve lives of working people. Mentions outbreak of war. Description of siblings and family life during the war. Comments on growing up during WWII. Reflection on parents’ influence on LG’s life. Details of NE growing up in a mining community. Comments on NE’s experiences as MP. Comments on her surprise to find that women could be treated differently to men. Description of attending chapel during childhood. Comments on NE being conscientious objector and NE’s reaction to Baptists’ support for war effort. Mentions attending local school and Caerphilly Girls’ Grammar School. Comments on how WWII affected LG’s education. [09:54] Mentions mother’s involvement in politics and local community. Details of Labour party activities in Caerphilly in 1940s. Mentions suffering from rheumatic fever. Mentions WWII air raids. Comments on family life and mother’s role as MP’s wife. Comments on why she worked as a local activist rather than an MP. Details of accompanying father in constituency. Comments on political beliefs [19:25] Details about studying to become a radiographer and early working life. Description of meeting first husband and early married life. Comments on working around children. Lengthy description of involvement at local party level. [29:04] Comments on NE’s work as an MP and the effect of NE’s post-war visit to camp in Europe on NE’s and LG’s outlook. Comments on end of first marriage. Description of working for John Golding [JG] during election campaign in Newcastle-under-Lyme and becoming JG’s local agent. Comments on second marriage to JG. Comments on all-women shortlists. Comments on being only woman in LG’s own selection process. Mentions being only woman when secretary of local Trades Council. Detailed description of responsibilities as local agent and organisation of local election campaigns. [38:14] Comments on seeing need for local hospital in Stoke to improve its performance and consequently giving up radiography to join the board. Description of role as secretary of Trades Council and NUPE branch. Comments on Margaret Thatcher [MT] and MT’s policies. Mentions closure of Silverdale pit, steelworks and potteries. Comments on need for strong national leadership prior to 1979. Comments on Labour leadership and militant elements in the Labour party.

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    Life story interview with Baroness Golding (1933-), former Labour Member of Parliament.

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