Price, David (1 of 3).  The History of Parliament Oral History Project

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    Interviewee’s home, Beaulieu

  • Interviewees

    Price, David, 1924-2014 (speaker, male)

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    Freeman, James, 1988- (speaker, male)

  • Abstract

    Part 1: Comments on World War II, Home Guard, and school at Eton. [01:56] Recruitment into Army and deployment to Italy. [03:20]Comments on campaigning in Italy and terrain. [04:29] End of war move to Staff Officer at Trieste preparing defences against possible Tito attack. [05:17] Comments on Cambridge University education and beginning to become involved in politics through Cambridge Union. [07:51] Story about Cambridge Union appearing in Press. [08:18] Fellowship to Yale and story of going to America. [09:40] Motivation for getting into politics. [10:20] Story about causalities and friends in Italy campaign, Robin Howard dance company. [11:50] Comments on social experience of war and motivation for going into politics. [12:30] Denial of politics in the army and 1945 election. [14:00] Going to the Brighton Conservative Conference and involvement with Conservative Students Society as Vice President. [14:45] Impressions of conference. [15:30] Story of getting job at ICI and ‘work study.’ [17:30] Work as an assistant for Vice-Chairman and Chairman. [20:00] Story of 1951 election campaign in Pembrokeshire. [20:48] Remarks on Conservative College at Swinton and driving. [22:20]Comments on Industry and politics.[23:10] Selection by Eastleigh constituency and 1955 campaign. Description of constituency. [26:25] Comments on relationship with local government and change to boundaries. [27:20] Remarks on nature of 1955 campaign meetings and change. [30:00] Comments on Conservative Agents. [31:30] Relationship with constituency party and visits to the constituency. [33:20] Effect of population growth on constituencies and community. [36:20] Comments on English social community and society. [38:50] Comments on work units, example of infantry. [43:50] Atmosphere of the House of Commons. [45:08] Lack of facilities and money for members and sharing secretary. [47:00] Remarks on Part-time members and carrying on external work. [48:00] Poor ministerial pay and having to give up work. [48:25] Comments on Parliamentary Pairs and structure of Parliamentary week. [51:00] ICI’s feelings on becoming as an MP and relationship with industry. [52:26] Members associations with major industry in their consistencies. [54:09] Social during votes and all night sittings. [55:40] House of Commons social life including smoking room and Annie’s Bar. [56:50] Journalists and MPs relationships. [58:55] Remarks on relationships with opposition members and select committees. [59:46] Comments on relationship with fellow party members and loyalty on party issues. [01:01:50] Comment on Europe and Conservative party policy. [01:04:32] Decolonisation and immigration and Conservative right wing. [1:06:10] Comments on Liberalisation of laws during the 1950s/1960s. [1:09:04] Remarks about MPs relationship with the public and public opinion. [1:09:50] Comments on constituency correspondence. [01:10:55] Comments on Prime Minister’s questions and cabinet government. [01:14:44] Story of first speech to the House of Commons. [01:15:40] Backbench responsibilities including select committees and voting against the government. [01:21:18] Incomes policy and economic problems. [01:21:58] Comments on Edward Heath. [01:23:38] Comments on being a junior minister at the board of trade, visits and relationship with civil service. [01:28:17] Backbenchers feelings about career politicians, frustrations and involvement in all-party groups. [01:29:53] Comments on Council of Europe and involvement in Space program. [01:32:27] Experience of 1921 committee and party leaks.

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    Life story interview with Sir Peter Fry (1924-2014), former Conservative Member of Parliament.

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