Stacey, Nick (5 of 5) National Life Stories: Pioneers in Charity and Social Welfare

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  • Subjects

    Child Protection

  • Recording date

    2006-07-17, 2006-08-06, 2006-08-17

  • Recording locations

    The British Library

  • Interviewees

    Stacey, Nick (1927-2017) (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Brodie, Louise (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 5: NS is good with the media and has appeared on television quite a bit. He was on the TV South charitable trust and enjoyed giving the money away. They helped to save the Canterbury Festival. He was asked to take over the Face to Face series on TV but decided against it. [7:43] NS hasn't written much since his autobiography. He reads the Times, the Tablet and the Spectator. Fundamentalists cause problems. There is a gloomy outlook for moderation in the world. [13:11] NS's personality is driven and ambitious. He has been lucky to have enough money. The alternative in his life would have been to be a politician. Examples. He wanted to make life better [18:44] He wanted to buy something in the sun and flew to Ibiza. He found a new development in a lovely position, and took Anne and his two daughters out to see it one January. They bought it. They take house parties there and enjoy the sun, the sea and books. Lager louts go to a different part of the island [25:26] He finds the young grandchildren difficult to talk to, but gets on well with the adolescents. He doesn't worry about dying, knows there is something beyond. Life is unfair. There must be a loving God. Animals can be almost spiritual too. There are lots of things we can't understand now. [30:56] His beloved sister was in great pain and wanted to die. There is however, a great danger in allowing assisted death. NS does not expect to achieve more now. There is always something to do in his daily life. He has a lovely house and a wonderful wife.

  • Description

    Life story interview with Revd Nick Stacey (1927-2017), clergyman and social worker.

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