Oral history of British science

Evans, Stan (Part 8 of 12). An Oral History of British Science.

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    Geophysics; Physics

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    Interviewee's home, Suffolk

  • Interviewees

    Evans, Stanley, 1929- (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Merchant, Paul (speaker, male)

  • Abstract

    Part 8: Comments on correction to previous account of accommodation, RSAE. Mentions official reports of RSAE. [2:13] Mentions origin of relations with CB and Hans Rothlisberger [HR] during 1963/1964 RES fieldwork near Thule, GIS. Comments on collaboration with HR in RES of temperate glaciers, Switzerland. Mentions BW’s organisation of 1963/1964 fieldwork, GIS, including presence of TR, BF. [4:35] Comments on correction to previous account of stay at weather station following airborne RES work, Ellesmere Island, Canada, 1966 (stayed at Eureka; not Alert), based on recent discovery of flight line map drawn in copy of book ‘The Unbelievable Land’, given to mother. Mentions HGS; field and laboratory research of JP. [7:59] Brief comments on extent of mother’s interest in glaciological work. [8:53] Comments on own understanding of Antarctic environment before RSAE, including reading of book ‘South Latitude’, film of Endurance expedition shown at RS; relations between work at JB and interest in poles, especially Alaska. [12:54] Comments on first RES equipment, 1963, including related story of MW recording results from CRT by hand. [16:31] Description/discussion of roles of MW, TR and self in design/construction of first (Mark I) RES equipment, 1963. [20:34] Story of VF’s assistance in relations with contractors, including introduction to TR; TR’s Antarctic experience. Mentions establishment of workshop, SPRI. [22:57] Brief description of workshop, SPRI. Detailed comments on design/construction of Mark II RES equipment, including role of TR in arranging casting of container. Comments on BS’s design of more recent RES equipment. [27:49] Comments on origin of interest of climate change in relation to glaciology. [32:10] Description of SPRI cold rooms. [38:11] Description of procedure/equipment for measurement of dielectric properties of ice. [40:09] Comments on role of PG in technical development of RES equipment; relations between GR and glaciologists in SU; lack of memories of contribution of VV Bogorodsky to RES meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark. [48:47] Story of origins of RES work in Norway, through relations with Gunnar Ostrem [GO]; RES work, Hardanger, Norway. [55:45] Story of Canadian research student, Les Davis; RES work, Jungfrau glacier, Switzerland, led by HR. Comments on difficulties of RES of temperate glaciers. Description of bamboo antennas used in Switzerland. Comments on suitability of Ellesmere Island for RES. [1:03:42] Comments on suitability of Antarctic ice sheet/ice shelves for RES; discovery of ice streams. [1:05:34] Comments on GR’s role in planning glaciological applications of RES. [1:06:50] Discussion of sense of self concerning career/ambition. Brief comments on family life; interests in reading/music.

  • Description

    Life story interview with Physicist Dr Stan Evans.

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