Oral history of British science

Evans, Stan (Part 7 of 12). An Oral History of British Science.

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    Geophysics; Physics

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    Interviewee's home, Suffolk

  • Interviewees

    Evans, Stanley, 1929- (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Merchant, Paul (speaker, male)

  • Abstract

    Part 7: Story of origin of relations with NSF, through Phil Smith and LG, late 1960s. Mentions role of CS/GR; first flight in US Navy Constellation [C] aircraft, 1967. Brief description of C. [4:36] Story of flight to Christchurch, New Zealand [NZ], 1967. Mentions SPRI/BAS personnel on 1967 Antarctic RES flights on C: GR, CS, Bev Smith [BS]. [6:10] Story of fitting RES antennas to tail of C in Christchurch. [8:30] Description of RES apparatus used on C, including used of ordinary Patek Philippe clock to synchronise RES and navigational records. Mentions photograph of this equipment; advantages/limitations of C. [11:13] Comments on (Shackman camera) film records from 1967 flights/subsequent NSF flights (1969/1971/1973). Mentions role of David Drewry [DD] in mapping flight lines; developments of accurate timing/control of movement of recording film after 1967. [15:10] Mentions use of NSF C130 Hercules aircraft after 1967. Detailed comments on testing of RES equipment on C, Christchurch, NZ, 1967. Comments on status of RES pulses as unlicensed transmissions. [21:27] Mentions SPRI/BAS personnel on 1969/1971/1973 NSF flights: self, GR, DD, David Petrie; US research students. Description of practice of RES on flights. [27:19] Brief story of identifying subsurface lakes. Comments on US McMurdo Station, Antarctica. [31:38] Comments on RES of SU. [33:41] Comments on reasons for moving from SPRI to post as Lecturer, Department of Engineering [DE], UOC. Story of engagement in college teaching, Jesus College [JC], UOC, including subsequent appointment, Director of Studies [DOS]. Comments on breadth of engineering curriculum, UOC. Description of college teaching. [43:11] Comments on relations between DOS, Supervisors and DE; enjoyment of undergraduate teaching; long service as DOS (16 years); relatively small numbers of female undergraduates reading Engineering. [50:35] Comments on afternoon/evening teaching; time spent with wife/young children including walking/holidays in WCS/continental Europe. Story of older son’s life/career; younger son’s organisation of expedition to Iceland, as young teenager. [1:03:35] Story of relations with Hubert Lamb [HL], including role in HL’s search for location for Climatic Research Unit. [1:08:45] Mentions studies of dielectric properties of ice in cold rooms, SPRI. Detailed comments on own research (with research students) in DE concerning radar sounding of rocks/soils for engineering/archaeology. [1:16:58] Story of Chinese research student in soil sounding. [1:22:20] Story of RS supported visit with wife to China, involving lectures. [1:28:25] Story of Chinese research student’s emigration to Norway/career in soil sounding.

  • Description

    Life story interview with Physicist Dr Stan Evans.

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